Comfort Straps

by MMJ Labs
Item Number
10 Pack: REP-CS10
25 Pack: REP-CS25
100 Pack: REP-CS100
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This comfortable, reusable silicone strap, is a single-handed tourniquet. Can be used at home or in a doctor's office as well. Silicone can be disinfected for multi-patient use. 

Instructions for use:
1. Loop the Comfort Strap around the arm, passing one end through the slit in the other. 
2. Hold the slit and pull the other end through until the desired tension is reached, then release the slitted end. 
3. To lock the Comfort Strap in position, release the tension from the long end. 
4. To release, simply pull gently on the short end and the Comfort Strap will fall away.
For Buzzy® mini, loop comfort strap around Buzzy unit. for Buzzy XL, slip strap through the channel in the middle of unit.