Buzzy® Mini Personal


Buzzy® is research-proven to reduce the pain and fear of injections. The compact design fits easily in the hand or under a standard tourniquet deliver powerful pain-blocking right where you need it. Patented M-Stim™ mechanical stimulation and ice technology blocks pain on contact. Single screw makes replacing batteries a snap! Intended for self-administered injections, finger sticks, cosmetic injections, minor injuries, itching.  Easy to take with you to the doctor's office.  Makes a great addition to your home first-aid kit. The Mini has an automatic shut-off after 3 minutes. For longer procedures the XL model is recommended. 

FDA registered 501(k) approved means your purchase is FSA/HSA eligible as a healthcare expense.

Package Includes:

  • Buzzy® Mini (choice of Black, Bee-Striped, or LadyBuzz)
  • 2 Single-Patient Use Wings
  • 2 AAA Batteries (preinstalled in unit)
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Trying to decide which model is right for you? Check the comparison chart.

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Cleaning Procedure: Buzzy® Mini Personal is a personal consumer product intended to be used by a single user. Buzzy may be cleaned with alcohol based sanitation wipes. Do not autoclave. Do not immerse in liquid. Soiled ice wings should be disposed of and replaced.

ATTENTION HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: Purchasing personal units for multi-patient hospital or clinic use voids warranty.

    Item Number
    Striped: BKM1
    Black: BKM2
    LadyBuzz®: BKM3 
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    Customer Reviews

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    It works!
    Changed my life
    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful review to read on a Friday afternoon! This is precisely why Dr. Baxter invented her needle pain solution and we are thrilled you have found it - and that it helps you! Continued good luck to you. THANK YOU for these kind words, we know there are indeed many adults who avoid medical care because they are terrified of needles and embarrassed/ashamed - #BuzzyHelps
    Oh my goodness, weekly infusions - so sorry you have to endure those! Buzzy has over 50 clinical studies showing it reduces needle pain, fear, and anxiety. See the research [here] and read the [testimonials here] Here are 2 testimonials about infusions: 1) My daughter loves Buzzy. She has to have weekly sub.q's (infusions) of plasma. She now calls it Buzzy:registered: Monday. -Paula M. 2) I especially use Buzzy:registered: for our gamma globulin infusions in our adult patients. It’s the only thing that seems to help. -Howard Lederman, MD You mention affordability. Our products are FSA/HSA eligible. While Buzzy is not 'covered' by insurance, The Healthwell Foundation has agreed to process pediatric patients with financial need and reimburse them for Buzzy purchases (and possibly other financial needs they have) under Healthwell's 'Pediatric Fund.' Visit or call this number: (800) 675-8416. Good luck and please do email us at with any questions. Jen for the Buzzy team
    Helps to relax for more stretching and movement
    You are clever - you've discovered that the same vibration that powers Buzzy can help with mobility! That's the idea behind our VibraCool products - wearable vibration in a compression strap and larger ice packs. For customers like you who already have a Buzzy, we recommend the [strap]( Your daughter is in good hands - continued good luck to your family and THANK YOU for this feedback!