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Oh my goodness, what a wonderful review to read on a Friday afternoon! This is precisely why Dr. Baxter invented her needle pain solution and we are thrilled you have found it - and that it helps you! Continued good luck to you. THANK YOU for these kind words, we know there are indeed many adults who avoid medical care because they are terrified of needles and embarrassed/ashamed - #BuzzyHelps
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Oh my goodness, weekly infusions - so sorry you have to endure those! Buzzy has over 50 clinical studies showing it reduces needle pain, fear, and anxiety. See the research [here] and read the [testimonials here] Here are 2 testimonials about infusions: 1) My daughter loves Buzzy. She has to have weekly sub.q's (infusions) of plasma. She now calls it Buzzy:registered: Monday. -Paula M. 2) I especially use Buzzy:registered: for our gamma globulin infusions in our adult patients. It’s the only thing that seems to help. -Howard Lederman, MD You mention affordability. Our products are FSA/HSA eligible. While Buzzy is not 'covered' by insurance, The Healthwell Foundation has agreed to process pediatric patients with financial need and reimburse them for Buzzy purchases (and possibly other financial needs they have) under Healthwell's 'Pediatric Fund.' Visit or call this number: (800) 675-8416. Good luck and please do email us at with any questions. Jen for the Buzzy team
Helps to relax for more stretching and movement
You are clever - you've discovered that the same vibration that powers Buzzy can help with mobility! That's the idea behind our VibraCool products - wearable vibration in a compression strap and larger ice packs. For customers like you who already have a Buzzy, we recommend the [strap]( Your daughter is in good hands - continued good luck to your family and THANK YOU for this feedback!
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How wonderful to hear! We're sorry your daughter has to have a weekly shot, so glad Buzzy helps. 50+ trials show Buzzy blocks pain, and is also the only proven solution for needle fear and anxiety. Continued good luck to your family!
My son is Autistic this helps him greatly
Thank you so much for sharing this! We wish your family continued good luck finding tools that ease your son's journey.
My son is Autistic this helps him greatly
Thank you so much for sharing this! We wish your family continued good luck finding tools that ease your son's journey.
Wings work well with Buzzy
Thank you for this feedback, Denise! We get a lot of questions about why the ice packs are designed the way they are (e.g., why don't they last longer, why aren't they bigger). For most needle procedures, 2 minutes is sufficient for ice numbing - you actually don't want to go much longer because you could reduce the inflammatory response that vaccines are going for. Ice is activating c-fibers, which in turn activate descending noxious inhibitory control. This is a fairly fast reaction. We find 30 seconds is sufficient for the C-fiber activation, and 2 minutes is sufficient even for Humira or burning injections. Continued good luck to you and thank you for using Buzzy!
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We are delighted to hear that you're a long-time user, thank you for your support! Daily shots are not something any child should have to endure. We're glad Buzzy helps and we wish you continued good luck.
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Thank you, Susie! We recommend folding the ice wing along the center line for storage in the freezer. The wings that come with personal Buzzy kits have a soft side that may feel slightly less cold. Always begin with clean, fresh wings from the freezer. Wings must be frozen solid to work optimally. Slide the wings through the elastic band or onto the hook. For patients under 6 months old, patients with cold sensitivity, Raynaud’s or sickle cell disease, use Buzzy without the wings. The child can hold the ice pack in the hand to provide a competing sensation.
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Buzzy Bee takes away the sting!
Music to our ears, Naima, thank you! Our Buzzy device has been featured annually in the 'Diabetes Forecast' Consumer Guide as an injection aid and we're so glad 'he' helps families navigating the challenges of new diabetes protocols. Please visit our [BuzzyHelps for Diabetes page]( for more. Continued good luck for the Buzzy team to your family!
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How wonderful to hear - thank you!
My child uses Buzzy for
Thanks so much for this feedback. We're so glad Buzzy helps with those monthly allergy injections. You're right - 'he' will help with any needle procedure, and even helps with itching and bee stings!
Great product!
Thank you for this feedback! We're so happy Buzzy has helped your daughter. Buzzy is the only solution for needle fear - 50+ clinical trials show it 's a triple threat against pain, fear, and anxiety.
Great device! My blind 8
We're so glad your grandson has found Buzzy to help with those nightly shots. Perhaps you found it for him - thank you!
Buzzy Helps
Thank you so much for sharing this and for purchasing a Buzzy to help with his T1D. Please see our [Buzzy Helps for Diabetes page]( for more info. We're so glad the Distraction Cards are helping, too! Physiological pain blocking + cognitive distraction = power over pain!
My savior for my kids!!
That's quite a long life out of your Buzzy - thank you for sharing your story! And thank you for sharing the good word about Buzzy with nurses, parents, and pediatricians. We are grateful!