Should I buy two Buzzy units if my child is getting more than one shot at a time?
The literature and scientific research doesn’t show that simultaneous shots cause less distress, but taking less time for injections does. Therefore, we have people who use two Buzzy units, and people who just use one, it depends some on how willing your doctor is to work with you. Older kids with cancer getting really painful injections in both thighs usually use two - there isn’t a firm right answer for this one.
We are in Canada... how can we order from you?
Due to regulatory differences between the FDA and Health Canada, we cannot ship to Canada. We regret any inconvenience to you and/or your patients.
Do you offer branded/personalized products?
Our DistrACTION® Cards can be branded with your logo on orders of 1,000 or more sets of cards. E-mail us at or call us at 877-805-BUZZ (2899) for pricing.
Do I need the Distraction Cards?
Distraction can reduce pain by up to 50%, often better than prescription pain relief. Buzzy and DistrACTION® Cards can be used alone, but pain reduction is maximized with the combination of the two. See research links here.
How many times can I use each ice pack?
Each ice wing should last for approximately 100 uses. Buzzy Personal units come with 2 Universal soft ice wings. Healthcare Buzzy units come with 4 Universal Healthcare ice wings.
Can I use disposable crushable ice packs?
No, these do not freeze solid and absorb vibration (reducing the effectiveness of Buzzy) and are not sufficiently cold to reduce pain.
How long do ice packs stay frozen?
Wings will stay frozen approximately 10 minutes at room temperature. For longer procedures and for medications that burn or sting, prepare and freeze additional wings. Store folded ice wings in freezer for maximum benefit.
Does the ice pack need to be frozen solid?
Yes. For optimal pain relief, the wings must be frozen solid to avoid absorbing Buzzy’s vibration.
How long does it take for the ice packs to re-freeze?
Wings will freeze solid in approximately 30 minutes. Store folded wings in freezer. To transport and maintain frozen temperature, place wings in an insulated lunch bag or freezer with commercially available ice packs.
Can you use hot packs with Buzzy?
Buzzy with its patented Cool-Pulse Technology is based on the unique combination of vibration and cold. Using hot packs with Buzzy will not decrease pain. Hot packs absorb vibration, reducing the effectiveness of the Buzzy unit alone. Hot packs over the IV site are fine.
Do I need to use the Comfort Strap that comes with the Buzzy kit?
The strap is not necessary, but may be useful for certain procedures. Buzzy® Mini and Buzzy XL Healthcare units can be used with disposable hospital tourniquets or hand-held in place. The Mini features a contoured and compact design that can be tucked under a standard tourniquet, or it fits easily in the hand as well. The Buzzy XL features a slot through which you can thread the comfort strap or disposable tourniquet for hands-free use.
What is the size difference between the different Buzzy models?
Please see our complete comparison chart
Which Buzzy is best for me?
Please see our side-by-side comparison. If you still have questions, contact us at 877-805-2899 or
May I please have a free sample?
Generally speaking, no. Buzzy is reusable, so many clinics may not order more than one.* For research, you will have to disclose a financial conflict of interest if we provide the Buzzy. We have a generous return policy and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

*We always recommend purchasing at least 2 units, no matter how small your office. Buzzy gets dropped on the floor or just flies away for various reasons - you will be glad to have a back-up.
What are DistrACTION® Cards?
DistrACTION® cards are a carefully designed tool used for cognitive distraction from painful procedures. Our DistrACTION® Cards consist of 5 colorful cards on a snap ring that are easily attached to a hospital badge or carried in your pocket or purse. There are four different themed sets of cards with age-appropriate questions on the back of each card. The questions offer finding and counting tasks for the user to answer, providing natural pain relief by drawing attention away from painful procedures. No training needed, simply flip a card toward the patient and ask the age-appropriate question on the back.
What size batteries does Buzzy® take? How do you replace the batteries?
Buzzy® is powered by 2 alkaline AAA batteries that will last at full strength for about 20 hours. For optimal operation, replace batteries when vibration weakens. When battery power is getting low, Buzzy will emit short spurts of vibration upon initial activation. Refreshing your Buzzy with new batteries is easy! Unscrew the back using a philips head screwdriver.Remove back panel, then carefully remove batteries. Replace with 2 alkaline AAA batteries. If Buzzy is not being used for an extended period of time, remove batteries for storage.
Do I really need to use the ice pack?
Use the ice pack unless it bothers the child or there is a sensitivity to cold. The cold adds about 60% of the pain relief in older children and adults. The wings that come with personal Buzzy kits have a soft side that may feel slightly less cold. Always begin with clean, fresh wings from the freezer. Wings must be frozen solid to work optimally. Slide the wings through the elastic band or onto the hook. For patients under 6 months old, patients with cold sensitivity, Raynaud’s or sickle cell disease, use Buzzy without the wings. The child can hold the ice pack in the hand to provide a competing sensation.
What is the difference between the Healthcare and the Personal Models?
All Healthcare models and ice wings are able to be fully sanitized between patients, both the Buzzy units and ice wings are made fromdurable medical grade plastic. Our personal models can be sanitized too,but are not intended for multi patient use. All Healthcare models come with 4 multi patient universal ice wings, our personal models come with 2 single user Universal ice wings. Our Buzzy Healthcare XL comes with 4 comfort straps. Our personal Buzzy models come with 1 comfort strap or 1 hands free strap. Our Healthcare models have a 1 year warranty and our Personal Buzzy Models have a 6 month warranty. Personal Buzzy units carry NO warranty in Healthcare or Clinical settings.
Is there any pain research on Buzzy?
Multiple Independent clinical studies researching Buzzy and our Distraction tools have been published with results that support their effectiveness. Some studies have utilized ice wings, some with Buzzy alone. See research links here.
Does Buzzy really eliminate pain?
Buzzy is FDA cleared to “Control pain associated with injections, venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic injections and the temporary relief of minor injuries (muscle or tendon aches, splinters and bee stings). Also intended to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.”

Studies average 56 - 88% pain reduction. In our IV trial, on average Buzzy decreased pain by 50%. The greater the fear of needles (needle phobia) the better Buzzy works. Buzzy does not eliminate pain for everyone. In studies, about 3% of people experience no relief from Buzzy. See research links here.
What is the purpose of the 2 vibration settings in the Healthcare Mini?
Research shows some patients get greater relief from intermittent vibration. When used in a healthcare setting, offering a choice of speeds increases patient control and decreases fear.
I need a Buzzy® tomorrow! Can I get expedited shipping?
We do not offer expedited shipping. Orders made before 11AM EST will usually ship the same day. Most orders are shipped via USPS and will arrive withing 2-5 business days. The fastest shipping options are available through Amazon.
Can I get free shipping?
We give everyone free shipping when they spend $50 or more. Sometimes it is lower if there's a current promotion. If you are getting a Personal Mini Buzzy, DistrACTION Cards, Bravery Badges, and extra wings are a great way to hit that $50 mark.
Is there a warranty?
Our manufacturer’s warranty for Buzzy Healthcare units is 12 months. Our manufacturer’s warranty for Buzzy Personal units is 6 months. Personal Buzzy units carry NO warranty in the healthcare or clinical settings.
Buzzy didn't work for me, can I return it?
If Buzzy does not work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Because Buzzy is an FDA-registered product, we must carefully process all returns. Please contact us at 877-805-2899 or for instructions to process the return.
For Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations: Returned products or PO changes or cancellations after 24 hours will incur a 20% restocking fee.
Do you ship outside the U.S.?
We have a trusted team of distributors around the world.

Please check our list of active distributors. If you do not see your country listed, please contact us at
How quickly do you ship online orders?
For in-stock items, we ship orders within 1 - 2 business days. Delivery time varies with selected level of shipping service. We are not able to ship via DHL.
Where is Buzzy placed to relieve IV pain?
Immediately before cleaning the site of access, place Buzzy 3-5 cm proximal to the site and activate vibration. Do not place Buzzy directly on the site of access.
Can Buzzy be used for finger sticks?
Yes; place Buzzy on the palm with the bottom end (switch is top end) toward the finger. Leave in place throughout cleaning and procedure.
What can Buzzy be used for? Is Buzzy FDA cleared?
Buzzy is FDA cleared for these indications: “Control pain associated with injections, venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic injections and the temporary relief of minor injuries (muscle or tendon aches, splinters and bee stings). Also intended to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.”
Does Buzzy work for itching?
Yes, Buzzy is effective in the relief of itching. The sensation of itching is transmitted on the same nerves as sharp pain.
Does Buzzy work for adults?
Independent clinical research supports the use of Buzzy for flu shots, injectable medications given at home or in clinical settings, aesthetic procedures, and chronic pain relief. Buzzy’s patented combination of vibration and cold actually works better for adults than kids. Buzzy works in a fraction of the time it takes for more expensive creams at a fraction of the cost, and improves both the ease of procedure and patient’s pain. See research links here.
Why do you say Buzzy is for ages 18 months and up?
Clinical trials demonstrate the effectiveness of Buzzy on ages 18 months and older. Children younger than 18 months of age may experience discomfort with the use of the cold component. Those children may benefit from either the use of the soft white side of the Personal Universal Ice Wings while using Buzzy or without the ice wings. The child can hold an ice pack in the hand to provide a competing sensation.
Can Buzzy be cleaned and reused on another patient? If so, what is the process for cleaning?
Buzzy is a reusable medical device that should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected following your facility’s infection control protocol for non-critical equipment. All accessories must be cleaned and disinfected with disinfecting wipes or method used to clean non-critical equipment such as stethoscopes or patient monitors. Do not autoclave. Do not immerse in liquid.
We are a large hospital. Can we get a discount?
For hospitals using Buzzy system-wide, we offer volume discounts. When ordering 50 - 99 Health Care Buzzy units, we offer a 5% discount. When ordering 100+ Healthcare Buzzy units, we offer a 10% discount.
How long does Buzzy take to work compared to EMLA or LMX- 4?
Buzzy begins being effective on contact. One study found the total time for an IV with Buzzy was 3:50 seconds compared to 40.5 minutes with LMX-4. EMLA takes at least an hour for pain relief, but will vasoconstrict until 2 hours. For deeper Intra-muscular injections and medications that burn, Buzzy should be held on site for 1 full minute. For IVs, clean and go.
Can I use Buzzy instead of EMLA, LMX - 4 or other topical anesthetics for needle pain?
Yes - Buzzy has been found equivalent to LMX in two studies - one by Bahorski et al, found it equivalent without using the ice wings. They did find that in Caucasian children Buzzy + LMX was better than either alone, but this wasn’t true for other races in the study. Potts et al studied Buzzy with ice wings, and found it equivalent to LMX. Multiple studies find Buzzy twice as effective as cold spray; that said, a review by Hogan et al concluded “Vapo coolants were ineffective in children and adults when compared to placebo, and effective in adults only when compared to no treatment.”
How does Buzzy compare by price to topical anesthetics?
Buzzy’s batteries last 20 hours; assuming you use the reusable wings and throw Buzzy away when the batteries run out, the cost per use on average is $.20. If you use the disposable wings, the cost goes up to $1.20 or $2.20 depending which wing. If you replace the batteries and keep using Buzzy, obviously the cost goes DOWN. Other topical anesthetics range from $.50/use (cold spray) up to $15.00/use (Zingo). See our VALUE ANALYSIS for more information.
Does each patient need their own Buzzy?
No, Buzzy is a reusable medical device that should be thoroughly sanitized following your facility’s infection control protocol for non-critical equipment. Healthcare providers should purchase Healthcare Buzzy units for the use in Healthcare settings. All accessories must be cleaned and disinfected with disinfecting wipes or method used to clean non-critical equipment such as stethoscopes or patient monitors. Do not autoclave. Do not immerse in liquid.

For immunocompromised patients and those with chronic illnesses, we recommend using the disposable Universal Soft Ice Wings. To use Buzzy for a patient with MRSA, we recommend attaching the frozen wings to Buzzy, then putting the Buzzy and Wings into a stat-lab bag for extra protection.
We are a hospital. How can we order products? Can we submit a purchase order?
As a courtesy to our healthcare providers, we offer the option to place purchase orders for purchases greater than $100.00. Orders less than $100.00 will require payment by credit card, billing information will be requested at the time of purchase order submission. If you need information to set be set up as a vendor, please call 877-805-2899 x 1 or contact us at

Please find our W-9 Form Here

We accept purchase orders via e-mail or fax: 404-963-5075. POs are processed within 2 business days. Shipping charges will be charged via agreed-upon shipper, or a third party shipping method, if preferred, can be used. Payment is made at the time of purchase, with the exception of hospitals ordering via purchase order greater than $100.00. Payment terms for domestic (US) hospitals ordering via PO are net 30 day terms.

Please provide preferred shipper and account number with purchase order, otherwise shipping charges will be added to your invoice. If you place your order through our webstore via credit card and are offered free shipping, USPS will be the carrier and parcels are typically delivered with regular mail.

Returned products or PO changes or cancellations after 24 hours are subject to a 20% restocking fee.