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The Needle Fear Friendly Webinar is now closed

The webinar took place at 1pm on December 1, 2016
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For help bringing Buzzy® to your patients, here are some resources and links:

1. Sample Guidelines. These are from University of Michigan.
2. Comprehensive Poke Plan - Michigan.
3.Click to link to a 1.5 hour Webinar on pediatric pain and Buzzy® physiology. For training, begin at 15:45 – 20:00 minutes on this webinar to understand why Buzzy® works. 20:00 – 50:00 is thorough Buzzy® Best Practices, showing how the round end needs to be as close as possible to the procedure. Position of comfort and distraction are also addressed.

Specific information on lab draws and the dermatomes (nerve pathways) for optimal Buzzy® placement are HERE.

Brief video instruction:
1) Importance of needle pain:
2) Why buzzy works:
3) How to use Buzzy® most effectively:
4) Distraction and research:
5) Buzzy® for finger sticks (note that for a side-of-the-finger stick, Buzzy® can be right next to stick)
6) Buzzy® for IV access (using Healthcare Tourniquet Ready)
7) Buzzy® for LP (video in French of Buzzy® in use, not video instruction)

Literature Review
Medical Necessity Form for patients: Medical Necessity

Who Has Buzzy?

To improve patient experience and satisfaction, over 5000 lab draw facilities, allergy, immunology, endocrine, pediatric and dermatology clinics have introduced Buzzy® and Buzz Black. If you’d like to see which hospitals are using Buzzy® and/or DistrACTION® badge cards, check below.

Hospitals writing about their Buzzy® experiences: thanks for caring about pain relief. Sanford Health, Tucson Medical Center, Texas Children’s, Beaumont Health System, Emory Healthcare, Greenville Shriners, and Kansas Mercy Children’s are some who have published stories about how Buzzy® is helping their patients!

At Rochester General, Buzzy<sup>®</sup> is the icon that tells families their 'we care about children's pain'.

At Rochester General, Buzzy® is the icon that tells families their “we care about children’s pain”.

Partial List of Hospitals That Use Buzzy Please let us know if you are using Buzzy® and aren’t on the list.

One of the primary components of patient satisfaction is caregiver’s attention to pain. “As a commitment to our patients, we are dedicated not only to our profession but our quality of care as well. Resultantly, we are proud to introduce Buzzy®, a device used specifically for our child patients to ensure the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible.” -Crutchfield Dermatology.

“Buzzy® has been a wonderful asset to our pediatric patients. We have even had some children say that they couldn’t even feel the insertion of their i.v.! I don’t know what we would do without it!” Jennifer F, Child Life, Tallahassee Memorial.


Cost Comparisons

Click here for our value analysis resources

Reducing needle pain medically can be expensive when used for every poke. Buzzy® reduces costs by being reusable; the two AAA batteries can be replaced by unscrewing the back. That said, the batteries Buzzy® comes with will last at a decent numbing strength for about 20 hours. In our study it took 3 minutes per IV stick; at this cost, Buzzy® is $.09 per site with reusable Blue Gel Wings.
One nice article comparing analgesic costs before Buzzy® was available is by Jay Pershad, or you can check out our breakdown and some anesthetic tips here.

When time doesn’t permit, Buzzy® works in about 15 seconds. The AAA batteries last about 8 hours, so with Blue Gel Wings the cost averages about $0.09/3 minute stick.


A randomized clinical trial of a novel vibrating tourniquet to decrease pediatric venipuncture pain. Conclusions:

  • The combination of cold and vibration decreased venipuncture pain significantly more than standard care without compromising procedural success
  • Venipuncture success was 3 times more likely with the device (p=.040). Click here for presentation of results.
    Buzzy® and distraction cards in 218 children aged 6 – 12 requiring phlebotomy also found significant reduction in pain, with pain of 4.46±2.9 with no intervention compared to 1.38±1.3 with Buzzy® and 0.53±0.9 in the Buzzy® and distraction cards group. See also our Research page for randomized controlled trials.

“Buzzy® exemplifies a combined approach”. Clay, RA Monitor of Psychology, March 2010;41(3):36
“Buzzy® uses natural pain relief” Flarity K, Hoyt KS Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal: October/December 2010; 32 (4): 360–372

For more Research.


Most hospitals take about 6-9 months to introduce any new product system-wide. Buzzy® often first spreads in Emergency Departments for IVs. As Buzzy® is FDA class I (“Therapeutic Massager”), individuals can use Buzzy, but introducing Buzzy® to improve the patient experience will be a hospital-by-hospital process. In our experience, the committees that typically need to approve Buzzy® are Medical Equipment, Education, Pain Team, Infection Control, or Quality. Pharmacy may be involved as Buzzy® might replace some of the products on formulary. These committees usually need data (see below) and may benefit from seeing other medical environments commenting on Buzzy® (see references, below), and finally collateral, such as in-hospital trial surveys or guidelines (see supplemental, below).

“I love our Buzzy® and use it tons in the ED. For IV placement and blood draw, of course . . . but also for digital blocks (I put buzzy in a glove to keep it clean, if the block is for a messy lac repair), splinter/foreign body removal, etc. I rarely have felt I need more than one Buzzy® at a time (though I keep a bag full of reusable ice wings in the freezer) — but we only have 12 beds in our Peds ED. For a larger unit, with multiple areas, multiple buzzies might be nice. Our outpatient clinic has one in each area. …. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned with Buzzy® is that Doing Is Believing. You likely won’t get everyone eager to use it. That’s okay. Start with a few chosen allies, and then when they fall in love with Buzzy® they’ll talk it up naturally to their peers. Nurses listen to other nurses (which is completely fair! They are coming from the same frame of reference, needs and experience.) Good luck! Teresa Teresa Schoell, MA, CCLS Rochester General Hospital

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