Buzzy® Helps for Clinical Pain Management

Clinical Pain Management
Buzzy® is an award-winning combination of cold and high frequency vibration. Using the physiology of Gate Control and Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control, vibration with or without ice can reduce pain on contact in the same way that cold running water eliminates burn pain.

Benefits of Buzzy:
FASTEST pain relief – Buzzy® works on contact.  IV placement in 3.5 minutes, compared to 40.5 minutes with LMX.  81% of phlebotomists said Buzzy® made procedure easier. 3x first stick success in pediatric patients compared to cold spray (see research below).
MOST ECONOMICAL pain relief – $0.20/three minute use, less when batteries are changed and Buzzy® device is reused.  DistrACTION® cards can be wiped and reused for years.
IMPROVE SATISFACTION -  Buzzy® has been mentioned on Press-Gainey surveys by name. Phlebotomy studies show 97% of patients said the procedure was better than previously. HCAHP satisfaction ratings for pain improved after Buzzy® introduced:
FDA CLEARED to control pain safely and effectively.  Indications: “control pain from injections, IVs, phlebotomy, and cosmetic injections, as well as relief of musculoskeletal pain.”

Hospitals Using Buzzy
Over 5000 hospitals and clinics use Buzzy, including 9/10 US News and World Report Top Children’s Hospitals 2015.  Within one healthcare system some units will have Buzzy® and some won’t – Buzzy® may be in oncology but not ED, outpatient lab but not inpatient. Hospitals that have generated Buzzy® specific guidelines or let patients know Buzzy® signifies that hospitals care about pain follow:  Rochester General in NY designates their Kid Friendly sites with a Buzzy® graphic - check out their patient brochures, and scroll down on their site list of locations to see the bee.  Rochester Buzzy® program TV coverage here.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta contributed many guildelines to the Clinical Support of Buzzy® [LINK], and is mentioned here in Georgia Health News.  Buzzy® is added on to Epic as a pain management option.

Shriner’s Hospital of Greenville, SC – read their article.

Texas Children’s Hospital – “Tiny but mighty little helper bug.”



University of Wisconsin  - Press, and a Poke Plan offered to patients. Teaching information here.



Tucson Medical Center wrote a feature-  “Buzzy® Bee brings relief to kids!”

 “Hello, I use the Buzzy® with pediatric patients in the emergency room and outpatient clinic. We love it! I love the product and use it every time we do a blood draw or injection in the clinic. Families often purchase their own after our visit because it works so well. Thank you for creating such an effective pain management tool for children… and adults too. :).”- Deirdre Goe, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation

Tallahassee Memorial -
“I work at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and use Buzzy® on a daily basis. He is a hit! Buzzy® started out in a small outpatient area in our hospital and is now being used in the Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, as well as in the Emergency Department and even in our Occupational Health Department. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product and great resource for us to use throughout our hospital!” – Kendal Mundy, BS, CCLS, Certified Child Life Specialist Tallahassee Memorial Hospital  See research project presentation – no difference between LMX and Buzzy.


University of Iowa: “I’m the supervisor of an outpatient laboratory in Iowa who performs a lot of blood draws on children. Buzzy® has been very effective for us. We have used them on children ranging in age from 3-12. Each child seems to be less anxious of the procedure when Buzzy® is used. It’s a great product.” –Meighan – U Iowa Pain Education materials here.

Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and research project presentation.

This article from Children’s Mercy, Kansas City MO “…able to insert the IV needle without so much as a wince!”

 Sanford Health, Fargo;  Great article in the Fargo news

“We service over 75,000 children each year at Golisano Children’s Hospital throughout western New York. We have been amazed by the response of Buzzy. We have departments and individual families asking how to purchase them. Buzzy® was endorsed by our pediatric pain committee as an essential non-pharmalogical pain intervention. We now have Buzzy® in each pediatric department within our 750 bed university medical center. Buzzy® has certainly made its impact in our delivery of care and we are excited that so many healthcare professionals are wanting to use it.” Wendy Lane, MS, CCLS

  • “I love our Buzzy® and use it tons in the ED. For IV placement and blood draw, of course . . . but also for digital blocks (I put buzzy in a glove to keep it clean, if the block is for a messy lac repair), splinter/foreign body removal, etc. I rarely have felt I need more than one Buzzy® at a time (though I keep a bag full of reusable ice wings in the freezer) — but we only have 12 beds in our Peds ED. For a larger unit, with multiple areas, multiple buzzies might be nice. Our outpatient clinic has one in each area. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned with Buzzy® is that Doing Is Believing.” – Teresa Teresa Schoell, MA, CCLS Rochester General Hospital


New York University – [needs picture made from adobe file]

Seattle Children’s success with iPad and Buzzy® use mentioned here in NurseZone
Stanford Children’s Hospital’s Allergy and Immunology program was featured on CBS, showing their routine use of Buzzy® for Allergy Shots.
Australia: article about improved Bicillin compliance with Buzzy®
France: Hopital des enfents, Les Thioleyres – “I can’t imagine a procedure without Buzzy” – Anne Tholier See video using Buzzy® to help for a  seated LP in an adolescent.

Link to products below.
Buzzy® Healthcare Products


Pediatric Pain Letter: This is edited by the wonderful, handsome, and generous Dr. Carl von Baeyer.  It provides free, open-access, peer-reviewed commentaries on pain in infants, children and adolescents.  It is pitched more at a level to academics than lay audiences.


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