Buzzy® Infection Control Bags - 100 Pack

 Item Number: BZICB
Latex Free Product


Includes 100 disposable Buzzy® Infection Control Bags. 

This 4 x 4 1/2 inch bag fits both our XL and Healthcare Mini units snugly, securing the ice wings while allowing for effective transmission of cold and vibration sensations. While the Healthcare Buzzy unit can be cleaned between patients, for some procedures (and some Infection Control Committees), practitioners prefer a disposable option to keep the unit sanitary. Prepare Buzzy as you normally would, then insert unit and ice together and seal the bag. Buzzy can be activated from within the bag and placed under a tourniquet or held in place. This bag will facilitate disinfection for extremely bloody or contaminated procedures, or will add an additional layer of safety for immunocompromised patients. Not to be used in the sterile field.