How to use low to no opioids when recovering from injuries or surgery.

opioid sparing pain plan opioids aren't the best for actue pain

Multiple studies now prove that most minor surgeries have better pain relief with ibuprofen instead of opioids. We also know that pain isn't just the alarm system of the pain nerves - it's a complex feedback system that reflects how safe your brain thinks your body is.
This is part of why pain goes down when you pay attention to something else. Your brain knows you're safe if you're having a good time. Likewise, fear of pain ramps it up - your brain knows something's wrong, and pays more attention to safety. Having people to talk to, things to do, entertainment, and ways to enjoy yourself actually reduces fear and pain, because the part of your brain that processes pain is too busy. Meditating, yoga, stretching, massage and exercise block some pain from getting to the brain, and trigger pain relief and inhibition in the brain itself. Knowing you have a plan reduces fear as well, and making your own plan helps – it’s called “the IKEA effect”, you like your plan best if you make it.

Physical problems respond best to physical solutions. This is why we made the pain plans - comprehensive approaches to avoiding opioids including over the counter medications, pre-surgical steps, and a simple way to plan for pain. Please feel free to share, give us feedback, or tell us what worked for you! 

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