Making a N95-ish Mask at Home with What You Have at Home
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1. No-Sew Protect Me Protect You (ProMPY) Mask

Download Printable Template

These are the instructions for making a face mask at home with an old t-shirt. It's multi-layered, adjustable, washable, and the best part - requires absolutely no sewing. We've included a printable template with instructions below!

1. Fold T-shirt in half
2. Cut with flat edge to fold. Use 11" outline for medium, 13" for large.
3. Make 2”(5cm) slit in ear flap to form loop
4. Stretch to find fit, hold or mark where ear meets face

5. Cut 2”(5cm) slit in other flap
6. Stitch ½ cm tuck on either side of folded nose bridge

 7. Cut Swiffer or coffee filter to place between flaps
8. Throw filter away and wash mask daily
It’s going to be fine! 

Download Printable Template