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More Detail: Provided by Dr. Jill Wener, a national expert in meditation and physician wellness, this meditation technique will help you manage pain, improve relationships and creativity, and improve your mental health. You'll learn to meditate on your own no matter how busy your mind is, without dependence on apps or guided visualizations. We believe that meditation shouldn't be painful, so you'll get to sit comfortably with your back supported and you can change positions whenever you need to! 

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7-Day Coronavirus Emotional Survival Kit for Healthcare Professionals 
Provided by Dr. Jill Wener, an expert in physician wellness, doing this can relieve stress and anxiety. The techniques used in these videos can also help to manage pain. Following this link will give you a 7-part video series that will help you manage the difficult emotions of working in healthcare during these unprecedented times. 

Online meditation course called
'The REST Technique: Simple, Effective Meditation for the Busy Mind'
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dr jill wener physcian specializing in meditation and wellness

From the partner:
Dr. Wener is a physician who specializes in stress management and physician wellness, through meditation, tapping, and coaching. Tapping, otherwise known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tool that is extremely effective at managing acute and chronic pain by modulating how the brain's stress center perceives pain. Meditation is also extremely helpful to help manage pain, as stress can worsen the pain threshold and increase the intensity of pain.

The REST Technique
Simple,effective meditation for the busy mind. An outside-the-box meditation course for busy people like you with Jill Wener, MD

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