Buzzy in the Media


O Magazine - 100 Things That Are Getting Better

O Magazine February 2010: 100 things that are better: SHOTS with Buzzy! We're number 83! "Big babies, take note: The Buzzy is a new battery-powered, cold-pack gizmo that dulls or eliminates the pain of needles by confusing the body's nerves...

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Mommy and Me Days - Amy Baxter

August 5, 2009Mommy and Me Days "Relieving the pain of getting shots..." "Best is when we get letters from nurses or kids telling us how much Buzzy helped them, or how great it is, or how a kid who hasn’t gone...

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Tom's Guide - Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Tom's Guide Best of Media July 28, 2009 "Positive tech solution . . . definite improvement in the tolerability of the procedure" "One of the more painful and dreaded back-to-school tasks for students each year is the vaccination, so we were pleasantly...

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