Big Picture. We are a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs working together to get Buzzy and the vision of personal pain control out to the masses.

Founded by Dr. Amy Baxter in 2006, MMJ Labs is dedicated to personal pain control. As a pain researcher, when her son had unnecessarily traumatic routine vaccinations, she knew there must be a better way. Dr. Baxter invented, tested, got over 1M in grant funding, researched, and ultimately developed manufacturing for Buzzy and other Personal Pain Products.

In 4 years, she recruited other talented, passionate women to grow the vision, from a nurse/MBA she had practiced with to a former litigator to high powered project manager. The company grew to 1 million in revenues by word of mouth, with hundreds of testimonials of how lives were changed.

Fast forward to today: Are we excited? You bet. We are thrilled to work on an initiative that makes the world an easier place to live by reducing pain. Dr. Baxter researches and highlights discoveries about why pain contributes to non-vaccination. And, we get to help build a company from grass roots and work with other women who want to change the world. Certified Women Owned Small Businesses are COOL!Our Team: Amanda Bell-Kirson - Best attitude on the PLANET! Amanda’s background working with public health, HIV education, and people of all walks of life make her the perfect interface with health and Buzzy questions. Amanda’s specialty is jumping in to save the day! (Amanda is sporting Stephen Cold Bear)

Jennifer Tipping, JD - Incredible international biz dev specialist and wordista, Jennifer is the liaison with our international representatives, from Australia to India, Taiwan to Korea, the Netherlands to New Zealand. With the way Buzzy’s growing, her ability to speak French and learn FAST will probably be tested on other shores soon! (Jennifer is styling and profiling LadyBuzz)

Valerie Staffey RN MBA - Val handles regulatory controls, manufacturing issues, certifications, and is the rudder guiding Buzzy quality. Incredible skill package; if something needs doing, she gets the job DONE! (Val is displaying the sleek Buzzy Black with Customizable eyeballs. Tres chic.)

Amy Baxter MD- - CEO, inventor, founder, visionary, dynamo – there are not enough words to describe this amazingly talented and inspiring leader. She keeps the Buzzy Team moving at an incredible pace while juggling a research career, pediatric emergency practice, husband and three kids under the age of 17! Loves teaching, sci-fi, ska, and drinks more coffee than anyone else in the planet. Her story and proof that photo shoots are SUPERFUN in MORE magazine here.

Val Staffey RN, MBA – Director of Manufacturing. Val and Dr. Amy worked together at Children’s Healthcare, sedating kids and dreaming of ways to improve pain management. Fun story about how Dr. Amy was almost ready to hire a private investigator to find Val again after she had her MBA, but suffice it to say that nobody juggles two baby girls and striking a hard bargain at the negotiating table like this redhead.

Dr. Amy Baxter MD I invented Buzzy® (a vibrating plastic bee that takes the sting out of shots) after experiencing first-hand the indifference of the healthcare system to the pain and suffering of children. As a pediatric emergency physician and pain researcher, I have learned that pain relief is not just a luxury; it actually improves the outcomes of procedures.

Jennifer Tipping JD – Brilliant Jenn of all trades, this attorney supports distribution, contracting, managing conferences and pricing, and writes the best emails of anyone on the team. Jennifer does all this while contributing enormously to the school her three girls attend. Special shout out to husband Barry who brilliantly photographs Buzzy needs on ludicrously short notice.
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